Learn English at your own pace with our "English by Click" English language self-study program (requires Microsoft Windows). All you need is an Internet connection.

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Speak English with confidence

Our “English by Click” program provides engaging and effective learning material. Students are instructed and guided to speak English with confidence, while having fun along the way.


“English by Click” encourages learning English by essentially turning your computer into a private teacher, a patient English teacher who is available at any time of your choosing, to instruct and teach you at your own pace and at your own convenience.


When you participate in the “English by Click” program, you’re joining a global community of like-minded individuals looking to quickly improve their English language skills.




"I wanted to tell you when I get your special software to teach English and I could imagine what it will do for me. I use the program less than 3 months, and it opened a new world of vocabulary and knowledge beyond imagination ...

I am very pleased with the software, and my father wants to see more advanced useful software that we have not seen before.


Once I started, everything became easier and clearer. I would recommend to all Israeli citizens to purchase the software and in particular I would like to recommend for deaf and hard of hearing since the program not only teaches English but also teaches pronounce the words. My experience hearing honors program helped me a lot in pronunciation comprehension and vocabulary.

Already from little age I learn English and I did not meet an author of software.

Thanks to the software that has no substitute."

F M Laverne



Dear English Learner,


We offer a free trial of our program in two languages, Arabic and Hebrew (installation requires Microsoft Windows). Please click on your preferred language below:

- تحميل محاكمة حرة -

- הורד ניסיון חינם -



Best regards,

Laurin Lewis
Center for Learning English without a Teacher




"I'm the mother of Cohen, 16 years old. About 3 years ago we purchased the CD to learn English at home, and within a month she has greatly advanced in English. After a few months she became an outstanding student in English.

The teacher kept asking her what happened. How does she know so many words and concepts, and even then it increased her motivation to know? Her grades were between 90 and 100.

All fear in learning English was gone and it became her favorite subject. She like to sit at the computer and learn the vocabulary and then take the tests in the computer and see that it is very successful, you know, it's very influenced its level at the school. Thanks to this disc I saved hundreds of dollars to a private teacher.

Now my second daughter use disk, and highly advanced too.

I am very grateful and glad, that someone took the initiative to help children learning English and having fun in the same time.

Thanks, thanks, and thanks again.

N. Cohen.

"Thank you very much you will credit to the good deeds on the software to the instruction English, I extremely enjoy to learn in your software, and also the great mine sit on your software almost every day. Many successes from me."

Shmuel A.



The complete program consists of five modules. You may also purchase the modules separately. 


These English-learning programs are adapted from the works of the great, late L.A. Hill, a giant in the field of English as a Foreign Language (EFL). For more information about the life and works of L.A. Hill, click here http://www.lahill-english.org/


Contains all five modules

The course consists of 308 lessons that guide and teach you the rules of the alphabet, a vocabulary of up to 8000 words and their correct usage in grammar, and correct pronunciation (you may choose between British or American English).


Elementary school level

Provides the necessary basics.

Learn the rules of the ABC.

Learn the 300 most important words.

Learn essential grammar.

Our program requires Microsoft Windows.


6th-12th Grade

Prepares for matriculation.


Prepares for Psychometric Examination.


Teaches a vocabulary of up to 5000 words.


Teaches grammar.


Teaches correct pronunciation (choose British or American).


Our program requires Microsoft Windows.


Ideal for preparation for Psychometric, GMAT, TOEFL (or any examination), and business

A high-level course consisting of 105 lessons leading to proficiency in academic and business English.


​Teaches 500 words of high-level business vocabulary.


Learn to read Business Week and Financial Times.


Learn the English of negotiation.


Also practices essential grammar.

Our program requires Microsoft Windows.


"I bought the CD and I am very satisfied with it. This disk has a lot of vocabulary, and it really helps me. I make sure to sit on an hour - two hours a day and I see that i'm doing fine.

This is reflected in preparation doing right now, my English teacher also think I improved.

Many thanks."

Abby K.


"I thank you very much.

We very much enjoy myself and my son (9 years old) from your English learning software

Learning is in a different way very fun and suitable for all ages




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